​So there are a few rules we like to live by...

  • If you have something to say, say it loud and proud.

  • Care about people. Caring matters.

  • Be you & always trust your gut.

  • Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

So a little about me, I’m a wife & a mom of a beautiful baby girl & one handsome little fella. Petite lil’ ole me comes with a size XL personality & a small tequila shot. I’m also a content creator & I’ve been a marketer for 7 years.


Having worked in corporate, I’ve noticed one thing. So many brands are doing the same thing! They want to stand out but not too much. Their strategies have a cookie cutter approach & they all end up sounding the same.


But here’s the problem… that doesn’t keep you top of mind with your customers. Repeating your competitors strategies will quite frankly make you blend in ... quite the opposite of what you want. 


So our team wants to help you develop your unique brand personality. I’m sure your products & services are awesome but perhaps we can assist you with the support you need to bring it all in.


We're not everybody’s shot of t(equila) but if you’re willing to go hard, we're ready! We’ll work together to develop campaigns & cool AF content to attract quality customers. We are not the type to do boring so buckle up. If you’re looking for personality-driven content & copy that pops? What the heck, let’s go! 


Your message connects you to the most important people in your business: Your Customers! 


Oh but stick a pin right here… your customers come to social media to chill out, they want to talk, share opinions, laugh, learn & be entertained while taking a look at what you have to offer.



​Think of it this way.... your customers are at the mall with friends & all the stores are selling the same thing but you want them to choose you because you know they will have the best time when they’re with you & you know they’ll get the best products while they’re at it. Your storefront is your social media page with all the pretty photos but what pulls them in is your content, your personality & finally your product.


I get to help you figure out what this will look like for your business. I’ll help you to connect everything you need to say the way your audience needs to hear it. Your customers will listen as long as you speak their language.


So if you’re ready, then let's get on it. Let’s chat! We’ll bring the wine. You bring the bidnezzzz!


Contact us to get on the waitlist for a strategy call.

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